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Women’s Bead project

Selling beads at Alailelai Market

The women have many different jobs.  They feed and milk the cows and goats, they cook for the family, they find water and firewood and they are also the ones responsible for building their own houses within the family boma.  Maasai homes are called Inkajijks, and are built with sticks, cow dung, cow urine and mud. When the women have time around all of these jobs they spend it making clothes and beaded jewelry.

In these villages there very limited market for these beaded products as so many of the women are able to independently make their own. AMSO saw an opportunity to open up the market for these women by selling to external sources outside of Ngorongoro. Our biggest supporters are our partners Maasai Partners who come into the village and buy large quantities of product from our ladies and go to sell them in markets in the US. The profits MP make go straight back into buying more products from our ladies.

We are currently looking into expanding our markets at a more local Tanzanian level. We hope to start selling through safari lodges and other tourist rich retail locations.


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