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Social Life

From the time that a Maasai child is born, they belong to an age-set.  An age-set is a group of Maasai people that are close in age.  The age range in these groups is three to five years.  Young boys spend almost all their time with their age-set.  They work and play together and they share everything.  Young girls spend most of the day helping their mothers, but they still have an age-set.  When girls get married, they are recognized by their husband’s age-set.
    The Maasai have many restrictions about relationships with other people.  For example, a daughter cannot watch her father eat.  Also, the young warriors must listen to the elders’ advice.
    Even though everybody is considered equal within their age-set, the Maasai are still a patriarchal society.  Men normally make decisions for the family.  Even so, warriors respect their mothers and remain close to them


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