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Music and Dance

     What makes Maasai music special is that it has no instruments.  The music is made by the voices of everyone in the community working together.  Maasai songs are usually made up of two different rhythms that seem like they do not go together.  The leader of the song might call something out, and the community would repeat it back.

    The music normally starts out with what sounds like grunting.  At the beginning, the grunting seems like it has no pattern.  Then, each singer sings his own part.  The different parts finally come together to make music.

    There are many different Maasai dances, but most of them have some things in common.  Most of the time, singers stand in a line, and one person at a time will jump as high as they can.  They all dance as long as possible, and the warriors can keep going for hours.

    Maasai dancing is interesting because it is so relaxed.  While some dancers pay close attention to the music, singing and dancing, others just giggle.  Some warriors might talk with their friends in the middle of the dance.


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