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                                                                         SKILL SHARING
 My life short story;
With a difficult start in life, orphaned as a result of a Kenyan civil war, John Nguruko had to work harder than most to make a life for himself. At the age of five, half Maasai and half Kikuyu, John found a new home away from Kenya to the peaceful city of Arusha in

”I love animals even if some of them hate each other”

Tanzania. After almost a year living on the streets of Arusha, John eventually found an

”Football has been a big part of my life and I’m always the champion yaaaah!!!!!!”

orphanage that would take him in. With a combination of support from this center and a kind Scottish woman who took interest in his life and education, he was able to make it through primary and secondary education.

Desperate to continue his education after leaving the center, despite his interest in other fields, John had little choice than to continue with Hotel Management due to significantly lower costs than other options at the time. Never fully satisfied with the work he was able to get having completed this degree, he decided to independently retrain in Marketing and Website design. Interested in pursuing and sharing his new skills he made his way to Karatu and eventually to AMSO.

”My first job after my studies at Via Via Caffee’ Arusha Tanzania”

With the knowledge of how valuable skill sharing can be, John wishes to assist in educating those with otherwise little ability to develop their computer skills while also assisting in building up the publicity of AMSO through social media.


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