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 Even though the Maasai have cows, the main part of their diet is not meat.  They believe that it is greedy to kill cows just for meat, except on special occasions.  Instead, they puncture a hole in the cows neck every week, and they collect the blood in a gourd.  The cow’s blood, mixed with cow’s milk, is the main part of the Maasai peoples’ diet.  Not killing the cattle for meat means that the cow will be able to provide many meals, not just two or three.  The Maasai might also eat vegetables, fat, honey and tree bark.

    If a cow does die, it is not wasted.  The different parts of the cow are used to make every day objects.  For example, the hides are turned into ropes, bed coverings, shoes and clothing.  The horns are made into containers and the bones and hooves are carved into ornaments


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