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The situation of education in the villages is not always good because there few teachers, many students, and schools are very far away.
education callIn each of the villages there used to not be a kindergarten, which made it hard for students to succeed in primary school. This is because primary is taught in Swahili, but young Maasai children are only knowing their mother language of Maasai. Adding a kindergarten year helps the children to be ready for primary school.

  • 2014 AMSO built kindergarten in Alailelai with grant from Maasai Partners
  • 2015 AMSO built kindergarten in Alchaniomelock with grant from Maasai Partners
  • 2016 AMSO built kindergarten in Sendui with grant from Sisters for Peace

Quote from Ward Education Officer: “Thank you, AMSO, for building the three kindergartens in Alailelai village.”

Even after building kindergartens, it continues to be difficult because many times there is not enough money for supplies and because the school is still far away.

  • For all kindergartens, AMSO put desks for the students.
  • AMSO is also trying to provide exercise books.

tatu orgAlchaniomelock is very close to the forest, which can be very dangerous for the small children to travel. The head teacher had a great idea to begin small satellite kindergartens under trees. They started with three, in Kirigarien, Altararra, and Ormoroigi, that let the children study closer to their homes.

The satellite kindergartens have been a very good project to help the young kids be able to study.

  • The parents have contributed to build a small, local kindergarten and put a roof.
  • The teachers are all volunteers at the satellites, so AMSO has started to pay them some amounts so they are motivated to keep teaching.
  • In 2017, AMSO will bring a table and chair to Altarrara satellite.

four oggRight now, there is a big challenge of needing toilets at Alchaniomelock primary school. There are more than 400 students for only 4 toilets and according to the government, more must be added.AMSO is trying to find money to help construct the toilets, if it is possible. The estimate to build a 6-stall toilet building is 10 million TZS (~$5,000 USD). Please donate now


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