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Children, as well as adults, have limited access to proper medical attention in the NCA.

Access to the most basic healthcare is often very difficult or impossible for Maasai living in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA).

Even if a patient is able to physically get to a hospital or clinic, it might be too expensive to get care.

AMSO is working to make this basic human right more available to more Tanzanians with our community health card program.

Maasai living in the NCA now have access to Nainokanoka Health Center, a recently built facility. Work on the hospital began years ago, but with help from the Clinton Foundation during a visit last year and other funds, it was finally finished and is now in use.

In order to give more locals means to use this center, AMSO is providing health cards for the poorest families in our three communities. For only $10, an amount the Tanzanian government will match, a family of up to six receives health care for an entire year. We’re starting with 150 families, but there are still many more in need.

In a place where people die from such preventable ailments as diarrhea and malaria from mosquito bites, pink eye and malnutrition are rampant and sanitation is lacking, a visit to the doctor makes all the difference in the world.

If you’d like to give only $10 and provide this gift of health, please donate here.



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