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Every Maasai does not wear the exact same clothes, but there are a few common traits.  For example, most Maasai wear the color red because it symbolizes their culture and they believe it scares away lions.  Also, most of the men wear a shuka, which is a red robe.  The women wear clothes that are colorful and decorated with beads.  The women also wear capes.

    Men, women and children all wear their hair in different ways.  Women and children keep their hair shaved or very short.  Warriors wear their hair in braids that are dyed red.

    The Maasai are famous for their beaded jewelry.  The men wear beaded bands on their wrists, ankles, waists and necks.  The women wear big, beaded collars.  Each color of bead represents something.  For example, red means bravery and strength, blue represents the color of the sky and rain, white shows the color of a cow’s milk, green symbolizes plants, orange and yellow mean hospitality and black shows the hardships of the people.


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