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About Us

AMSO, or Alailelai Maasai Sustainability Organization, is a community-based organization run by Tanzanians based in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. AMSO runs a variety of programs to improve life for area Maasai in such areas as education, health, business opportunities and goats.

Children in Alailelai Ward

Because it is run by local people who know what their communities need, AMSO’s projects have specific, concrete goals and impacts and are ever expanding. And for the same reason, AMSO strives to achieve this social and economic improvement of their people while maintaining cultural traditions.

Because need within the NCA is so widespread, AMSO focuses its efforts on three remote villages—Alailelai, Sendui and Alchenemelock—where other outside help isn’t available.

AMSO’s membership is open to all Tanzanian citizens, who are members of pastoralist communities or have special interest in pastoral development, and our Board of Directors and officers are elected from active members.




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