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A Baby Surprise

While AMSO has been busy developing and growing its projects within Alailelai, AMSO’s family has also been growing. With young babies joining Mbekuri  and Somiani’s families earlier in the year the newest addition comes with the newest member of staff.nn John Nguruko is working with Maasai Partners to assist with the development of AMSO’s internet and social media presence. He and his partner Jess Broughton live in the town of Karatu, a short drive from Ngorongoro National Park. Jess is currently working a Fellowship with another of AMSO’s US partners, Women’s Microfinance Development and managing their Tanzanian group Gnako Women’s Community Organization (GWOCO).

The couple met while Jess, from Scotland, was in Tanzania on an independent research project for her dissertation with the University of St Andrews. John, of Maasai decent, was living and working in Arusha at the time, spending his free time looking for ways to supporting homeless children living on the city’s streets. They shared a mutual passion for community development and a dream to one day found their own organization for the community.

Having both found development work in Karatu town in the Arusha region they moved and have been living and working there from then. As of August 25th this year (2017) their small family, that had grown into the two of them, their cat, dogs and a rescued squirrel, welcomed a new member, their first child together. Baby Sammy Michael Nguruko was born at FAME hospital in Karatu, where AMSO sends many patients from Alailelai to get treatment. He was born with an impressive 3.6kg and good health to the ecstatic new parents.nb22Now, at 10 weeks old and 7kg Sammy is a fully integrated member of the Nguruko/ Broughton household. The pair are getting ever better at juggling new parenthood with their work responsibilities and while it has had some challenges and a great deal of sleep deprevation they are both doing a fantastic job and remain healthy, happy and absolutely in adoration of their young boy.

Welcome to AMSO baby Sammy. We hope that in the future you will join John in contributing to our organization.