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Somiani’s Maasai Wedding


Happy Somiani with his family

While visiting a nearby village in October of 2015 Somiani met and fell in love with the wonderful Mary Philimon. Shortly after they met he ask her to marry him. Before a couple are able to marry, in Maasai culture, the man must first agree upon a Bride Price to pay the parents for their daughter. Somiani agreed to providing nine cows to his future wife’s family before the wedding and a tenth cow to be delivered on the wedding day. This is a high price but the couple are truly in love and Mary was certainly worth the cows.

The happy couple delayed their wedding until after the birth of their first child.


Somiani with his daughter Vivian

Now eleven months old, baby Vivian lives with her parents in their family Boma “I love her so much” Somiani declaired, “she is our first baby, that is why I spend most of my time with my family, playing with my daughter”.

After time settling into parenthood and working to raise money for the wedding, the couple eventually decided to hold their wedding day on the 29th of September. They had a traditional Maasai wedding which consists of some unusual events. For one long week before the wedding day Mary had to stay inside her parents’ home. She was unable to leave, see or talk to anyone but her parents. After this week Somiani was able to come to her family home and collect her, leaving behind the final cow, of which was previously agreed upon. On arrival at Somiani’s boma Mary then spend a full day inside his home. This day is the official wedding day. Mary stayed inside, only to be visited or seen by Somiani. The boma hosted more than 150 guests who came to dance, sing and eat outside with Somiani in celebration. After this 24 hour period the couple officially became husband and wife.

Mary’s family gifted her several goats and calves so that she could have her own small business and contribute to her new household. Now, while she is looking after the livestock Somiani is either manning his small shop or doing work with AMSO. The couple are extremely happy together and expressed their joy over the success of their wedding day and their future life together. While it is accepted that Maasai men may marry more than one woman Somiani insists that he is more than content with his family as it is.